Kicking off

Look at that title.  LOOK AT IT.  It’s possibly gone way over everyone’s head.

Yes, it took me all of 2 seconds to equate my first post proper, with kicking off.

You’re still here?  Great.

I’ll begin (kick off? – I’ll stop) with where I suppose would be a natural starting point.  Last weekend’s action.  The big talking points would be Ross County’s defeat of Celtic and Leigh Griffith’s phantom goal in the Edinburgh derby.  Now, regarding the first game, I have to say I’m disappointed that the overall media position has been to discuss how poor Celtic were, rather than giving Ross County the rightful credit for coming back to win after being 2-0 down.  This has always been the case though in Scotland, that very rarely is a team given credit for defeating the Old Firm, it’s nearly always that the Old Firm didn’t turn up.  So I’ll say well done to County.  However they have no chance on Saturday, when ICT are gonna smash them in the derby.

On to the Edinburgh derby and Hibs.  Let’s face it, it wasn’t the most exciting of games yesterday, barring the non allowance of an absolute beaster of a free kick from Leigh Griffiths.  A good bit over the line, but one of the assistant refs couldn’t guarantee it was over.  Can’t say it’s the first time I’ve seen terrible officiating in the SPL.  Credit to Leigh Griffiths too, he didn’t lose his head.  He’s without doubt been one of the best players this year and he’s definitely a character.  It’d be good to see him stay in the SPL, but if Wolves continue to be as bad as they are, they might need his goals next season in League 1.

Also credit to another Hibs player, Kevin Thomson.  It’s been revealed he’s signed for his former club until the end of the season, without pay.  It’s fantastic to see.  He said he understands the current financial climate so has decided to help put the club first.  It’s great for him also because he can get games, stay fit and put himself in the shop window.

It makes you wonder why we haven’t seen something similar from Craig Gordon, the last I heard he was on the coaching staff at Dumbarton.  Are his wage demands too high?  I  can’t believe no one seems willing to take a risk on him.

Well that’s my first post done.  Thanks for reading.



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